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"I have had the pleasure of knowing Naomi for many years. With her kind heart and generous nature, there was no question who I would hire to assist my mother."

- Pat, Travel Industry

"I appreciate the convenience of being able to utilize Naomi 's custodial care services when needed. Oasis provides flexible schedules and fantastic rates."

- Bev K., HMSA

"Oasis provides a senior program that I can trust and know that my family member is getting the care they need."

- Ron Y., Restaurant Industry/Sales

"Many thanks again for helping my mom out a few weeks ago - we were away and you stepped right in to assist her with her ADL's. Your kind and gentle spirit really was contagious, my mom has not been so happy in so many years! That's why you are like family and we use your services consistently! Mahalo!"

- Sharon S.